Homeowners have a challenge on their hands when it comes to their windows. They want the light to be allowed in, illuminating their space. But they don’t necessarily want too much heat to enter the room or give criminals easy access to their home. While there are lots of window coverings to consider, many people find themselves torn between tint and film. There are benefits to both options but one ensures that homeowners get a little more peace of mind from their investment.

Window Tint

Tint works well to allow light to come through without all of the heat from the sun making its way into a room. This can help cut back energy costs and, in some cases, allow for some additional privacy for the family. Tint, when installed by a professional can create a beautiful, uniform look to the exterior of a home. This is a great investment if the goal is to focus on light, heat, and energy consumption. However, the tint is lacking when it comes to home security.

Window Film

One of the easiest ways to break into a home is through the windows. A simple rock can give anyone access to the space. With security film, an extra layer of protection is created. The film is bonded to the window, giving it some additional strength. If burglars should try to access the home through a window, they’ll quickly find that the task is more challenging than they had assumed. The more time they spend working to get into the house, the more chances are that they are going to get caught. At the same time, many give up right away when they realize they aren’t going to get an easy score. As an added bonus, the film also offers UV protection, just like the window tint.

Covering the windows in your home is a big investment. It’s important to get the most out of the money spent. Window film is about more than just preventing UV rays from entering the home, even though this is a great benefit. It’s also about providing additional security and peace of mind for homeowners that love their space and want to keep unwanted guests out.

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