Importance of Custom Resistors

The use of custom resistors in our day to day lives is something that we must be aware of. Owing to this fact, it can be said that custom resistors are indispensable in our daily lives. For better understanding of the applications of resistors, it is key to understand certain fundamental concepts about electricity.

Electrical energy is generated when electron flow unidirectionally through a conductor. This current is made up of electrons. For purposes of regulating the flow of these electrons in a circuit, it is important that you use devices known as resistors. Resistors can have a number of applications in our real life as we shall discuss below.

Timers can be used for a number of real-life use cases but they cannot be created without using resistors. For resistors to work in this way, they have to be connected together with capacitors. Car sirens, flashers as well as many other devices make use of these timers. For timing to occur, the underlying factor is that the capacitor must be filled with some amount of charge which is regulated by the capacitor.

By making use of resistors, we can decide how long a capacitor should take to fill up with charge and this can be done by making use of resistors. The cycle of the timing mechanism is only completed when the capacitor is filled with charge at which time it releases the energy to prepare for the next cycle of timing. The energy is released at intervals whose timing is controlled by the resistance that is applied to the circuit.

Finally, to ensure that there is the division of voltage that is dissipated across the components of an electrical circuit, it is imperative that there is the use of custom resistors. By passing the voltage through a number of resistors of equal or varying resistance the voltage across these resistors ends up being divided. The need for this is to ensure that appliances that cannot directly be connected to the main owing to their low power ratings are powered. By ensuring that there is a balance between the current that flows in the electrical circuit and the corresponding resistance that is added to it, different voltage outputs can be obtained for any connection that may need to make use of this voltage division mechanism. When resistors are used in this pattern to cause voltage division, they are said to be connected in a daisy chain. These daisy chains have been applied in different electrical appliances.

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